"PBU" Panel


The “PBU” utility panel with ribs 6” on centers is especially useful for liners, partitions, soffits, etc., because of its shallower 3/4” deep ribs and relative ease of erection.


24 and 26 (standard) with 22 and 29 available upon special request.

Various self drilling depending on applications

Maximum recommended 40’. Longer lengths available on special order.

Wall panel, liner panel, soffit panel, mansard panel face and back sheet


- Galvalume®
- Reverse rolled profile
- Fire rating
- Continuous eave to sill until panel exceeds 40’ length
- Signature® 300 Series Options
- Face fastener
- Embossed texture (optional)
- Bearing leg (optional)
- Perforated condition (optional)

- 20 year warranty
- Places color on the reverse side of the panel yields a flat profile
- appearance with fasteners recessed in flutes
- Panel carries a UL “Class A “ fire rating
- Attractive with no end laps, and ease of erection
- Premium paint finish with a 25 year warranty, ultimate resistance to color changes and chalk
- Yields diaphragm capabilities and girt stability
- Embossing the metal reduces glare and the potential for oil-canning
- A bearing leg is available to guarantee side lap engagement
- Ventilation or acoustical applications
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Note: Oil-canning is not considered grounds for rejection of any panel system. Oil-canning can occur in any panel with wide flat sections. Heavier gauge, embossing, striations, flatter sub-frame systems and support from a solid sub-deck can all help to minimize oil-canning.