"PBR" Panel


This panel is used both for the roof and sidewalls, the PBR panel’s deep ribs create an even-shadowed appearance. The area between the major ribs is reinforced with minor ribs. The PBR panel is one of the most economical wall covering systems.

26 (standard), with 24 and 22 gauge optional
Galvalume®, Signature® 200 & 300 Series
45' maximum length is standard but longer lengths are available by special request.
Not designed for coverage over bar joist or to be used as rigid secondary. Five foot on center purlin spacing.
36" coverage x 1 1/4 "
Roof, wall, liner, mansard, and soffit panel applications.
Standard coated, zinc- aluminum cast head, or stainless steel head screw.

- 36” Coverage
- Trimless Ridge
- Manufactured at all plants
- Start installation at either end
- Economical profile
- Finish Warranty
- Diaphragm Action
- Wind Uplift Rating
- Skylights
- Reverse Rolled Profile
- Purlin Bearing Leg

- Ease of erection
- Save time on erection
- Low freight to any location
- Flexible erection
- Cost effective
- 20 year life when used with long life fasteners
- The panel provides diaphragm capabilities and purlin stability in metal building construction
- The panel qualifies under several UL90 construction numbers
- Profile skylights are available
- The panel can be reversed rolled putting the paint finish on the under-side for erection as an alternate wall panel
- An extra leg is rolled on one side of lap rib to provide for
easier erection
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Note: Oil-canning is not considered grounds for rejection of any panel system. Oil-canning can occur in any panel with wide flat sections. Heavier gauge, embossing, striations, flatter sub-frame systems and support from a solid sub-deck can all help to minimize oil-canning.