Weathertightness Warranty


A&S Building Systems takes pride in the quality of workmanship provided with each product manufactured.  In an effort to ensure that quality is maintained during installation, A&S inspects every roof system at least once, regardless of the warranty selected.

A&S believes that if the building owner has to file a claim against the roof manufacturer’s Weathertightness Warranty, then someone has not done their job correctly. It is our goal to be an active partner to ensure that:

    1. the roof is properly detailed before installation begins;
    2. the roof is properly installed before the warranty is issued; and
    3. the building owner is satisfied with his A&S roof

To accomplish this goal, A&S offers two types of Weathertightness Warranties: Single Source™ Weathertightness and Standard Weathertightness.    

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Single Source™ Weathertightness Warranty
Standard Weathertightness Warranty
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