Design and price your structure in minutes, online, using our web-based system. It's fast, easy and incredibly economical!


Value ExpressPlus significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to detail and design projects by automating core functions. Time-consuming tasks, such as charting area building codes, detailing eave and rake conditions, and determining which materials to include for a particular roof slope are all instantly performed by the system.


Best of all, Value ExpressPlus offers an impressive variety of options and accessories when it comes to the design of your metal building.


Users can choose from a wide array of features, including:

  1. Clear span gable or single slope
  2. Numerous bay spacing options
  3. Factory located framed openings in varying sizes, including trim
  4. Up to 5-foot canopies and 5-foot purlin extensions
  5. AVP/PBR/Vistashadow panel profiles and interior liner panels
  6. Roof Slopes from 1/2:12 through 4:12

Once you have logged in, Value ExpressPlus prompts you to answer several simple questions about your metal building.


STEP 1: Identify building location - codes for your region will auto calculate

STEP 2: Input building dimensions, roof style, bay spacing

STEP 3: Determine girts, purlins, endwall frames, main frames, bracing

STEP 4: Select roof and wall panels, rake and eave trim, colors

STEP 5: Choose accessories: doors, windows, vents, insulation, etc.

STEP 6: Order drawings, arrange shipping, calculate price



ValueExpressPlus Brochure, click here.